Mother and her two young children being read a book during Story Time in the Galleries

Family Tips

The current situation can be particularly challenging for families with children. It is an uncertain, stressful time, and we hope you find the Milwaukee Art Museum a place to come together and relax, to discover new things and talk about what you see. Here are some suggestions to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time.

Get Ready…

Make the most of your trip by preparing kids ahead of time.

  • Talk about what you can expect during your visit.
  • Talk about what you’ll see in the Museum.
  • Check out some children’s books about museums and artists.
  • Discuss the purpose of a museum and how to behave while visiting. Explain that art in a museum is one-of-a-kind (it has to be saved for everyone to see, so you can’t touch it with your hands).
  • Check out this video on museum manners for kids:

Get Set…

Make a game plan for the day.

  • Be realistic about your family’s stamina.
  • Plan for rest breaks and snacks.
  • Try to maintain your normal schedule for naps or quiet time.


Think of your trip as an art adventure.

  • Let your children’s interests drive the visit. Kids won’t want to examine every artwork.
  • Make your visit interactive. Play “I spy” with what you see in a work of art, and encourage kids to make up stories about the pictures they see: what are the people saying, thinking, or doing?
  • Explore the art with your little ones to age five, using these Museum Moments activity prompts. It’s never too early to learn to love art!
  • Choose your favorite pieces on view.

Come Again!

Become a Member and visit often as you like. The Museum has many educational offerings available online.


For more information, please contact the visitor services department at 414-224-3200 or mam@mam.org