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Kohl’s Art Studio

Kohl’s Art Studio is a joint effort between Kohl’s and the Milwaukee Art Museum to bring area kids and their families closer to art—to discover more about it—and involve them in creative experiences. The art studio—at the Museum, in the community, and online—is the place to engage in hands-on art projects and create something all your own.

Kohl’s Art Studio is open Saturday–Sunday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Need help planning your visit? Call us at 414-224-3200. We’re excited to travel to local school and community festivals, offering free activities for families with kids 12 and under. Applications are now open for the upcoming summer season: June 1, 2023, through August 31, 2023.

Kids 12 and under are free every day the Museum is open thanks to

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Start Creating!

Find your next project. Bring the creativity of the studio into your home by exploring the art-making videos below.


Dyed and Tied Paintings

Make a sculptural painting inspired by Sam Gilliam. Materials: water-based markers, color diffusing sheets, water spray bottle, twist ties, small hanging suction cups

Color Collage

Create a colorful collage. Materials: colored paper, colored pencil, scissors, glue, round piece of cardboard

Creative Containers

Make and decorate a sculptural gift box. Materials: chipboard, paper, string, wire, glue, a small hole puncher, and scissors

Chalk Drawings

Create a chalk drawing. Materials: toned paper, pencil, black and white conté crayon

Fall Landscape Paintings

Mix colors to paint a fall landscape. Materials: canvas board, tempera paints, palette, water, brushes in various sizes

Nature Inspired Furniture

Design furniture inspired by nature. Materials: air-dry clay; cardboard; scissors; crayons, markers, or colored pencils

Painting Outside the Lines

Make a pixelated painting. Materials: paper or graph paper, ruler, pencil, colored pencil, watercolor or markers

Paper Weaving

Learn to weave paper strips. Materials: paper strips, cardboard, scissors, tape

Expressive Art

Learn how artists use art to express emotion. Materials: paper, crayons, tape or glue

Community Collage

Create a collage inspired by the mural “Our Time Together” by Derrick Adams. Materials: paper, assorted drawing materials, scissors, glue, images to collage

Sculpted Story Scene

Make a posable figurine to set in a holiday scene. Materials: twist ties and paper clips; scrap paper, plastic bags, or aluminum foil; tape; pencil; fabric; scissors; glue; air dry clay; paint or markers

Wood & Metal Decoys

Shape found objects into a miniature fish decoy. Materials: stick; aluminum foil; twist ties and/or rubber bands; scissors; glue; acrew, nail, bolt or stone

Fabric Collage

Cut and collage a fabric landscape. Materials: assorted fabric scraps, trimming or yarn, scissors, glue, large fabric piece for backing

Postcard Painting

Paint a postcard inspired by your travels to send to someone special. Materials: watercolor paper; paint, pencils, or markers; scissors; ruler

People Watching

Make a painting inspired by people in your environment. Materials: paper, pencil, paint or colorful drawing materials

Outstanding Architecture

Make a painting inspired by Milwaukee’s most iconic building. Materials: paper, pencil, paint or colorful drawing materials

Flat Flowers

Use flowers to make a print inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. Materials: white paper; flowers and plants; dark pencil, crayon, pastel, or marker; rolling pin or spoon

Passing Storms

Paint a landscape with sun and storms. Materials: paper or board, pencil, tempera paint, brushes, water


Draw or paint the birds in your neighborhood. Materials: two sheets of paper, drawing or painting supplies, scissors, glue or tape

Floral Furniture

Turn chipboard boxes into fancy, miniature furniture. Materials: chipboard boxes, scissors, glue, markers, pencil and pen

Printing with Food

Turn food into homemade stamps. Materials: paper; food coloring or paint; assorted fruits, vegetables, and pasta; plates; paper towels

Snow Sculpting

Get outside and sculpt some snow. Materials: snow, warm clothes, bucket, hand shovel or metal spoon

Ice Cold Creations

Make an ice sculpture using your freezer. Materials: water, food coloring, plastic cups and trays, freezer

New Year’s Eve Countdown

Ring in the New Year with a countdown for all our friends that love art. Materials: none required

New Year’s Noisemakers

Learn how you can make your own sounds of celebration. Materials: container like a bottle, jar, cup, or plate; small items like uncooked beans, beads, stones, or paperclips; tape, markers, ribbons, stickers, or other decorations

Lively Animals

Use bright bold colors to paint a lively animal. Materials: paint, brushes, paint tray or paper plate, water cup, water, paper or board

Fresh Fashions

Experiment with printmaking to design new patterns for fresh fashions. Materials: paper, paint or ink, textured objects, scissors, glue

Archuleta Animals

Make your own paper clay and mixed media animal sculptures. Materials: toilet paper, school glue, flour, warm water, toilet paper tube and/or cardboard, scissors, tape

Pastel Portraits

Draw a portrait using pastels, just like artist Diego Rivera. Materials: paper, pencil, chalk pastels, and cotton swab

Art About Work

Make your own drawing inspired by the action-packed artwork of Luis Jiménez. Materials: paper, and red, yellow, blue, and black colored pencils

Making in the Moment

Learn about abstract painting, and then make a summer-inspired work of your own. Materials: chalk, sidewalk or paper

Art in Motion

Make your own moving sculptures to launch into the sky. Materials: paper, rubber bands, scissors, tape

Scratch Art Story

Learn how to make a scratch art story inspired by ancient Greek water jars. Materials: paper, pencil, marker, crayons or oil pastels, tape, scissors, toothpick, bottle or cup

Start Stitching

Curl up with your favorite quilt, and try your hand at stitching. Materials: cardboard, hole punch, needle, thread or yarn

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