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Program the Wings

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All donors of over $50 to Museum Fund 2019 campaign will be automatically entered to win a chance to program the music for the Museum’s “wings.”

Winners will have the opportunity to select the music that accompanies the opening and closing of the Burke Brise Soleil for one week.

How will this work?

Those chosen through a random selection of all entries received by June 25, 2019, will be asked to provide three to five choices in preference order for music to accompany the rising, “flapping,” and closing of the Burke Brise Soleil at the Milwaukee Art Museum for a week during the summer, with multiple winners covering each of the weeks until Labor Day 2019. One song from those choices will be selected and played consistently throughout that week.

The Museum reserves the right to select the music from those choices, based on:

  • Family friendliness. The Museum will not broadcast music that is explicit in language or subject matter in order to keep the Museum as welcoming as possible for all visitors. We believe in the freedom of expression for artists, including Nikki Minaj and GG Allin, but want to make sure visitors have a choice in what they enjoy as they enter the Museum.
  • Availability and rights. The Museum must be able to source the music and confirm that we can secure permission to play the music. Whether it’s through a music rights group like ASCAP or an email from your brother’s band, we want your music choice to be OK with the musical artist as well.
  • Fit for the experience. We know that you will choose something that goes great with the wings, so please keep in mind:
    • The Burke Brise Soleil takes approximately five to six minutes to raise or lower, so your musical choice should somewhat fit that length of time. We reserve the right to shorten anything longer than eight minutes.
    • The hydraulics can make noise, so songs with dramatic quiet to loud transitions won’t work well. For example: John Cage’s 4’33” won’t get the focus it deserves during the Burke Brise Soleil movements.
    • Our in-Museum staff has to hear the song three times a day, so be kind. If you really want Baby Shark, we can make it happen, but we beg you to use your powers for good.

Of course, if you win, we’ll talk to you about your preferences for the week you’d prefer and any difficulties we face with your music choices.

The Burke Brise Soleil serves a functional as well as decorative purpose on the Museum, so there are days, such as high wind or maintenance, where it may not rise. If a winner doesn’t get at least six plays of their song in a week, we will provide a “wind check” for another week for your music to be showcased.

The winner will be selected June 30, 2019, from among entries received.

Donations are tax deductible. No purchase or donation is necessary. To enter without making a donation, on a plain piece of 3 x 5 inch paper, hand print your name, address, ZIP code, telephone number, and the words “MAM Museum Fund - Program the Wings.” Mail your entry in a hand-addressed, #10 envelope to the Milwaukee Art Museum, 626 East Wisconsin Avenue, Floor 16, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Limit one entry per envelope. Not responsible for lost, late, or misdirected entries not received in time for drawing. All entries must be received by June 25, 2019.

Milwaukee Art Museum staff and their families are not eligible to win. Membership purchases, sponsorships, and restricted donations received during this time will not automatically be entered.

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