Two young adults browsing through art prints at LFOA

Friends of Art

Friends of Art (FOA) is the primary volunteer support organization of the Milwaukee Art Museum. FOA raises funds in support of the Museum and develops activities to stimulate visual art appreciation and inspire volunteer leadership. Over 1,300 individuals volunteer annually to help organize and operate FOA’s fundraising events, primarily the Lakefront Festival of Art.

Over more than 50 years, FOA’s fundraising efforts have helped the Museum to bring numerous world-class exhibitions to Milwaukee, as well as to acquire several hundred pieces of art for its collection.

FOA Mission

The mission of FOA, a support organization of the Milwaukee Art Museum, is to raise funds, used primarily for exhibitions and acquisition of art; to cultivate leaders and volunteers in support of the Museum; and, to promote awareness and appreciation of the Museum and visual arts.

Current Activities

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For additional information about FOA, please contact our membership team at 414-224-3284 or .