Ed Paschke, Klaus

Landfall Press Archive

Established in Chicago in 1970 by master printer Jack Lemon, Landfall Press, now located in Santa Fe, produces etchings, lithographs, and woodcuts by artists of national and international renown. Among those who have collaborated with Lemon on limited-edition prints, artist’s books, and multiples are Vito Acconci, Lynda Benglis, Christo, Chuck Close, Lesley Dill, Jim Dine, Nancy Graves, Sol LeWitt, Claes Oldenburg, Philip Pearlstein, Pat Steir, Jack Tworkov, Kara Walker, and William T. Wiley. Also represented among Landfall’s print archives are Chicago Imagists Roger Brown, Ed Paschke, Barbara Rossi, and Karl Wirsum, as well as regional artists such as T. L. Solien (Wisconsin), Keith Jacobshagen (Nebraska), and Tom Uttech (Wisconsin).

Discussion began in the spring of 1989 between Lemon and the Milwaukee Art Museum about the possibility of the Landfall Press archive coming to Milwaukee. Many of the artists Landfall has published are represented in the Museum’s collection of painting and sculpture—Robert Arneson, Nancy Graves, Claes Oldenburg, Alfred Leslie, Philip Pearlstein, Martin Puryear, and William T. Wiley are just a few examples. Lemon subsequently offered a portion of the archive as a gift to the Museum. In 1992, having secured a major private donor for the acquisition, the Milwaukee Art Museum purchased the remaining portion of the archive, making this institution a unique resource for the study of a significant chapter in the history of American printmaking.

The archive, physically transferred from Landfall Press to the Milwaukee Art Museum in April 1992, includes more than six hundred prints Landfall has published since its inception in 1970, as well as supplementary materials. Among the nearly five thousand pieces in the archive are editioned prints; working, trial, progressive, and cancellation proofs; etching plates, woodblocks, and lithographic stones; mylar sheets, photographic negatives, and color separations; stencils; working studies; and collages and drawings. These materials provide a complete overview of the procedures associated with etching, woodcut, and lithography; they also allow invaluable insight into the aesthetic decisions that continually inform the printmaking process.

Image: Ed Paschke, Klaus, 1976 (detail). Color lithograph. Landfall Press Archive, gift of Jack Lemon and Suzanne and Richard Pieper, LP1994.25.01. Photo by Larry Sanders. © 1976, Ed Paschke, Klaus, 34¾ x 28⅛ inches, color lithograph.

Artists in the Archive

Vito Acconci
William G. Allan
Terry Allen
Othello Anderson
Suzanne C. Anker
Garo Zareh Antreasian
Robert Arneson
Charles Arthur Arnoldi
James Barsness
John Baeder
Don Baum
William Beckman
Thomas Beeby
Lynda Benglis
Aaron Bohrod
Phyllis Halperin Bramson
Roger Brown
John Buck
Eric Bulatov
Dale Chihuly
William Christenberry
Dan Christensen
Christo (Javacheff
Chuck Close
Robert Cottingham
Jack Cowin
Peter Dean
Laddie John
Lesley Dill
Jim Dine
James Drake
Nancy Dwyer
Martha Erlebacher
Vernon Fisher
Tony Fitzpatrick
Edward Flood
Richard Aberle Florsheim
Charles Gaines
John Gibson
Ron Gorchov
Shea Gordon
Nancy Graves
Denise Green
Richard Haas
John Himmelfarb
Stewart Hitch
Laurie Hogin
Barry Holden
Peregrine Honig
Tom Huck
Richard Hull
Richard Hunt
Robert Indiana
Michiko Itatani
Keith Jacobshagen
Julia Jacquette
Helmut Jahn
Luis Jiménez
Allen Jones
Ronald Jones
Peter Julian
Roberto Juarez
James Juszczyk
Robert Kelly
Maurie Kerrigan
Lance Kiland
Leonoard Koscianski
Ellen Lanyon
Ed Larson
June Leaf
Tom Leeson
Alfred Leslie
David Levinthal
Sol LeWitt
David H. Ligare
Robert Lostutter
Jim Lutes
James McGarrell
William McKim
Will Mentor
Marilyn Minter
Mary Mito
Greg Murdock
Tony Naponic
Don Nice
Richard Nonas
Claes Oldenburg
Pat Oliphant
Dennis Oppenheim
Sheryl Oring
Ed Paschke
Philip Pearlstein
A.R. Penck
Joseph Piccillo
Phyllis Plattner
Archer Prewitt
Martin Puryear
Milo Reice
Barbara Rossi
Allen Ruppersberg
Jerry Saltz
Peter Saul
Kenneth L. Showell
Sylvia Sleigh
Jeanette Pasin Sloan
Alexis Smith
T.L. Solien
Larry Stark
Pat Steir
Stanley Tigerman
Randy Twaddle
Jack Tworkov
Tom Uttech
Bernar Venet
Kara Walker
H.C. Westermann
Guy Whitney
William T. Wiley
Karl Wirsum
Robert Yarber
Duane Zaloudek