Group of different-aged people


The dedicated group of well-trained volunteer docents continues to be one of the Museum’s most valuable resources. Docents lead thousands of visitors—children and adults—on group tours through the Museum’s galleries each year. Tours can be tailored to school, special interest, and professional groups. The ongoing docent-training program is much like an ongoing art education class, where you will continue to learn and grow.

The most important qualities you need to become a docent are a love of art and people, and the ability to commit a significant amount of time. Docents are asked to commit at least five years to the program, including one year of training. As a docent, you will be asked to lead at least 35 tours per year. Although no prior art knowledge is necessary, a desire to learn and teach is essential.

No membership dues, but docents must maintain memberships at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at or call 414-224-3826.