Evening view of the Museum with teal lighting

Building Lighting Requests

The colored lighting in the Museum will, in rare instances, shift in color to promote the visibility of an issue, organization, or event.

In order to make sure that these occasions are meaningful, there are only a few key moments where we will will consider this, such as:

  • An event taking place at the Museum
  • Events that have broad local participation with a clear, easily accessible explanation for our visitors
  • Events that are tied to our long-term community partnerships

There is no guarantee of internal building lighting with any partnership, sponsorship, event involvement, or space rental.

Requests must be submitted at least three weeks in advance of the requested date for lighting to communications@mam.org. Due to the nature of the equipment used to generate the light, the museum cannot guarantee the exact color requested.

We do not approve or deny requests based on the merit of the cause or the organization and it should not be taken as such.

Please note: In order to protect the water circulation systems and our environment, the Museum will not color the water in the fountains.