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Family Tips

The Milwaukee Art Museum welcomes children of all ages. Here are some suggestions to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time.

Get Ready…

Make the most of your trip by preparing kids ahead of time.

  • Talk about what you’ll see in the Museum.
  • Check out some children’s books about museums and artists.
  • Discuss the purpose of a museum and how to behave while visiting. Explain that art in a museum is one-of-a-kind. (It has to be saved for everyone to see, so you can’t touch it with your hands.) Check out this video on museum manners for kids.

Get Set…

Make a Game Plan for the Day.

  • Decide what highlights you each want to see in the Collection galleries and Exhibitions.
  • Be realistic about your family’s stamina. A great 2-hour visit beats dragging tired kids through endless galleries.
  • Plan for rest breaks and snacks. (Note Café Calatrava serves children’s dishes.)
  • Try to maintain your normal schedule for naps or quiet time. You may leave the Museum and return later that day with the same ticket.
  • Museum galleries are often less crowded from 3–5 p.m. and on Thursday evenings.


Think of Your Trip As an Art Adventure.

  • Let your children's interests drive the visit. Kids won’t want to examine every artwork. In each gallery, let them choose where to go and how long to spend.
  • Make your visit interactive. Challenge kids to find the oldest, biggest, smallest, heaviest, or weirdest objects in the Museum. Imagine time traveling as you pass through galleries, which are arranged in chronological order. Encourage kids to make up stories about the pictures they see: what are the people saying, thinking, or doing? (Find more activity ideas in the ArtPacks).
  • Bring a notebook and pencil. Make sketches. Write down questions, artist names, and ideas to explore later.
  • Only stop to read artwork labels when children are interested. Don’t worry that you need to be an expert in art history.
  • Choose your favorite pieces in the Museum.

Come Again!

Become a Member and visit often as you like.

  • Take home a souvenir. Pick a masterpiece from the Museum Store postcard collection.
  • The Museum’s collections will be here for your next trip. Children enjoy revisiting favorite pieces and discovering new ones.

Further Resources

The Museum offers many educational programs for all ages.


For more information, please contact the visitor services department at 414-224-3200 or