The Powerful Hand of George Bellows: Drawings from the Boston Public Library

January 10–March 23, 2008
Koss Gallery

A key figure in early twentieth-century American art, George Bellows captured the atmosphere of modern life in America at street level—its smell, its taste, its grit, and its excitement. This exhibition presents a selection of his drawings—both studies and finished works—that evoke the first blush of his quick-witted line on paper, together with a small number of lithographs that flesh out his achievement. The Milwaukee Art Museum will highlight the ten works by Bellows in its Collection, including the painting The Sawdust Trail (1916), as well as several rare prints. Visit the online store to purchase the exhibition catalog.

The exhibition is organized by the Trust of Museum Exhibitions Washington D.C., in collaboration with the Boston Public Library, and coordinated at the Milwaukee Art Museum by Mary Weaver Chapin, assistant curator of prints and drawings.
  • George Wesley Bellows, Dempsey and Firpo, 1923–24. Lithograph. Milwaukee Art Museum, Gift of Philip Pinsof, Chicago M1956.28. Photo by John R. Glembin.