Black and white photo of George Mann Niedecken

Series List

Furniture Details / House For Mr. And Mrs. Albert Adelman [Elevation Drawings of Side Chairs for Albert Adelman]

Niedecken, George Mann
June 30, 1949


Pencil and ink on tracing paper

Dining Room Table for A.D. Adelman [Elevation, Section and Plan of Dining Table for Adelman]

Wright, Frank Lloyd
July 18, 1949


Pencil on tracing paper. Composed of two units that can be used together and seperately; see PA 1982.6.8 for blueprints of drawing

Sports Equipment Closet / Olly Adelman House [Scale Drawing of Storage Closet for Adelman]

ca. 1949


Pencil on tracing paper

[Perspective Drawing of Benjamin Adelman and Son Laundry]

Wright, Frank Lloyd
ca. 1947


Pencil and colored pencil on paper, framed.

Plan of West Wing - Residence of Mr. And Mrs. Albert Adelman [Plan Drawing and Interior Perspective Drawings for Adelman]

Jacobson and Flickinger Interiors Inc.
July 10, 1969


Ink, pencil, and colored pencil on paper