Press Reviews

The Eight and American Modernisms

A beautiful exhibition…The Eight and American Modernisms is really eight little survey shows in one. The New York Times

The legendary aura of The Eight influenced artists all across the country... American Art Review (PDF)

Explor[es] the under-appreciated stylistic complexities of The Eight Watercolor Artist (PDF)

Modern people take for granted the idea that art and media represent all walks of life, so it can be hard to grasp just how extraordinary these paintings were in their day. The New Britain Herald

Explores the idea that the artists included in the group were, in fact, anti-realist or expressionist, painting from memory and imagination. American Artist (PDF)

Their brushwork was bold and painterly, with a stab at homegrown Impressionism and color experimentation The Hartford Courant

The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs

The world is ready to celebrate the idiosyncratic furniture of Charles Rohlfs Old House Interiors (PDF)

One of the most enigmatic and celebrated American designers of the early 20th Century The Magazine Antiques (PDF)

His “artistic furniture” had no precedents or peers, only imitators…His desks are riddled with secret compartments and have finials shaped like leaping flames. Cell-like honeycombs are stretched taut across the backs of his chairs. His designs [are] so primitive yet so new and modern that they excite wonder. New York Times

Charles Rohlfs... was active as a furniture designer for a relatively short time, but his influence has been quite extensive. Maine Antique Digest

This is a remarkably vivid portrait of a unique talent flourishing at one of those extraordinarily adventurous periods of transition, an idealistic time when there was a belief that design and art could transform society. Interior Design Magazine