Museum Director Marcelle Giving a Press Preview

Statement from Museum Director Daniel Keegan

Posted on June 1st, 2011

The Milwaukee Art Museum’s mission is to serve the community and present art as a vital source of inspiration and education.  Through exhibitions and related programs, we are committed to bring people together to inform, educate and engage in conversation around art.

To that end, we have lectures and panels scheduled in conjunction with the Summer of CHINA exhibitions that provide historical context, explore important aspects of 3,000 years of Chinese culture, and deal with contemporary issues.

Included in the summer schedule is a panel discussion on the politics of art, additional speakers this summer include Melissa Chiu, from the Asia Society and author Barbara Pollack.

The Museum, as a cultural institution, does not support censorship, including self-censorship, of art exhibitions or artists based on unpopular or controversial subjects.   We invite the public to experience the exhibitions and to attend the programs.