30 Americans

June 14–September 8, 2013
Baker/Rowland Gallery

Feature image for 30 Americans30 Americans showcases works by many of the most important African American artists of the last three decades. This provocative exhibition focuses on issues of racial, sexual, and historical identity in contemporary culture while exploring the powerful influence of artistic legacy and community across generations.

30 Americans includes various kinds of contemporary art include drawings, photography, videos, paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media installations by some of the most influential artists from the past three decades, including Leonardo Drew, Nick Cave, iona rozeal brown, Mickalene Thomas, and Kehinde Wiley. Each artist expresses their individual opinion, but presented as a group, the collection sends a united message of community across the different generations of artists.


Kehinde Wiley, Equestrian Portrait of the Count Duke Olivares, 2005. Oil on canvas, 108 x 108 in. (274.3 x 274.3 cm).