Milwaukee is a very artistic city. We have so many wonderful individuals who display their art in many forms, whether it is street art—you see so many murals now—and there’s art galleries throughout the city. But when you think about bringing everything together, the staple is the Art Museum on our beautiful lakefront. I mean, it’s really the opportunity for so many people to come together and take in the different art pieces that are here.


New father, brunch enthusiast, Museum selfie superstar

I would describe myself as outgoing and charismatic. Also, let me add a very explorative person, as well. So when you think about the Museum, I think all of those characteristics are tied in here. When you come to the Museum, you can, you know, meet new individuals and speak with them and learn what their thoughts are about different pieces, in addition to just coming and using your own imagination to think about what the pieces mean to you.

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