Well that’s the push, I think, that we all have to try things that are outside of our comfort zone, and that would certainly be it for me. A number of years ago my brother-in-law came here for the first time and he saw Red, Yellow, Blue. And he’s like, “I could do that.” Or the guy on the floor with a heartbeat and stuff [MMPI (Self-Portrait in Yellow)], that is really a struggle for me, but you know, that’s one of the things that we should be getting from an Art Museum; it’s not just seeing all the old masters, time and time again.


Climate change activist, lifelong learner, Museum Member

My mom was a docent here, and she was probably the one who truly introduced me to the Art Museum. The Museum has really changed for me over the years. For a long time I thought it was really kind of a daunting place, and now I’m like, What was I thinking? Sometimes it’s so warm. Sometimes it’s very energetic. And it’s always changing. I mean, this is…this is a place that changes all the time. And that’s not easy for an institution. 

The Museum is, you know…I didn’t feel welcome for a long time. I thought it was for…wealthy old white ladies. I didn’t feel like that was really who I was. But if you come here and give it a chance…this is a place that is always reinventing.

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