After four years as an employee at the Milwaukee Art Museum in the education department, I find it really hard to pick just one piece, but if I had to start to narrow it down, it would definitely be the piece Song of the Towers by Aaron Douglas. He is sharing this journey that we have taken as African Americans, all the way from the shores of Africa into the areas of art, literature, and music to the streets and city of New York.


Entrepreneur, advocate, former Museum employee

When I think of what the Museum means to the city, I think it means “world class.” Knowing that people come from all over, literally, the world just to spend time under the wings here at the Milwaukee Art Museum. What I think that it could mean to our city is a “gathering place” here at the water’s edge, so that we can continue to learn not only from the artists that are represented in the collection, but also from one another through various conversations.

The Museum is my place for collaboration, as well as for creating special memories that will last a lifetime.

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