[Visiting the Art Museum] makes walking around important, it makes the conversation that you’re having beautiful, and makes you look at other people, and makes you realize the other art that’s in the world. It’s a space that transforms everyone and everything in it.


88Nine Radio Milwaukee Music Director, culture vulture, Museum Member

I would say the Museum is my place to hang. I love the Museum as a hang. My favorite places to hang in the city: the Art Museum, the Oriental theater, Rushmor Records. Places that are bastions of culture, all of them, the Museum is one of those, and it’s an important one.

I like working at 88Nine because I get to pick out what I think is the best art in the music world, and I get to come here and see what someone has picked as the best art in this world. So, I think that both of those things are art—as an expression of the human experience, and it’s important to see different ways that those things are expressed.

Justin video still