As a docent, we give tours mostly to school kids. My favorite times of the tour are toward the end and you say to the kids, “Okay, this is the last piece we’re going to look at,” and sometimes they’ll say, “Oh, is the tour already over? Oh, can we see another piece?” And that is the thing I love the most, because you feel like maybe you made a connection between the artwork in this Museum and that kid, and maybe this happened for the first time, because a lot of the kids have never been to the Museum. That’s happened a couple of times, so that, I think, is my favorite memory.


Retired attorney, Museum docent

The Museum is my place for transporting me to different times and places.

Jeewon video still

The Haitian gallery is a really quick and cheap way to go somewhere warm in the winter. You just step into that gallery, and all the warm oranges and yellows and the sunshine kind of surround you. But on another level, I like that gallery because I’m a historian, and looking at the artwork, I become curious about the history, which is depicted in a lot of the paintings, especially the religion. It just makes that whole gallery mean so much more to me, because Haiti has had a really really interesting, although somewhat terrible violent history. But I’ve just found a whole other world to explore.