One of my favorite Museum memories is when I took my young daughter here and she fell in love with the Lachaise sculpture. It’s a robust lady and she was a small child, and she couldn’t get over the big bottom on the big sculpture. And to this day—my daughter is 36 years old— just about every time I come to the Museum, I take a picture of the Lachaise and send it to my daughter Kristen.


Community volunteer, avid runner and cyclist, Museum docent

What the Museum means to the city: it’s a treasure. It’s a treasure to Milwaukee. It’s a treasure for all people. It’s a treasure that gives us opportunities to talk, to challenge our thinking. My hope for the Museum, and for the city, is that it continues to be more diverse and it continues to reflect the people in our communities.

I describe the Museum as a place where we can come to have conversation. A place where we can have hope. A place where we can share our differences. I feel there’s no right and wrong here at the Museum. That maybe an artist has an idea of what they wanted to portray or depict in a painting or a sculpture, but we can have our own interpretation of what that picture means.