People that I look up to like Reginald Baylor have pieces here. And just seeing that—“Oh, I know this person and he has his work in the Museum”—like, okay, there are possibilities and opportunities. That’s something cool. For me, as an artist, seeing mentors and seeing that amount of achievement they have and also that they are still living in this city of Milwaukee…it gives me a lot of appreciation for the space, and for the city.


Unfinished Legacy Creative Director, style icon, former Museum teen intern

Before the [Satellite teen] internship, I remember, I think during my eighth grade year when I first moved to the States, doing a field trip to the Art Museum, and that was my first memory of the Museum—seeing this beautiful architecture and then coming in and looking at the art. Then being able to spend a good majority of my summer here during the internship was also a really great way to be connected with the Museum.

Every now and then I’ll visit the Museum and I see a lot of kids here, and that’s such a happy feeling, such a hopeful feeling for the future, because I know that these kids are being exposed to art and pursuing their curiosity.

Brema video still

Before I did the internship here, I never really thought pursuing an art career was doable, but when I went through that and when I visit, I see that all these artists were able to pursue what they’re passionate about and made a living out of it. For younger kids to see those possibilities, like there are no limitations, no “you have to stay in this box”—you could be a great architect, you could be an artist, you can be this and that—I feel like that’s such a hopeful feeling to have.