Traditionally the Museum’s advertising highlights exciting new exhibitions and artworks. (We are an art museum, after all!) This spring, however, we, the Museum’s marketing team, embarked on a new advertising campaign that focuses on Museum visitors, Members—the people of Milwaukee. Why?

We want to celebrate you!

You are a huge part of why the Museum is here. You are integral to the story of art, the Museum—our creative history. It’s truly only fun and meaningful to share, celebrate, learn from, and find community around art when we’re in it together!

The sixteen individuals here helped us kick off this new venture. We naturally turned to people we already had some relationship with, whether through a Museum program, social media, or a professional connection. They shared a bit about who they are, what they love about the Museum, and what impact the Museum has had on their lives. You might call them “superfans”!

But you don’t have to be a superfan for the Museum to hold a memory for you: a memory of finding inspiration or a new friend, having an unexpected laugh (or cry), or coming across a work of art that left you feeling empowered, confused, awestruck, or maybe even frustrated.

We want to hear from you.

This campaign is different from what you are used to seeing from the Museum. That was our goal: to invite you to help all of us look at the Museum, our neighbors, and our community in a new way.

This is your city, and this is your Museum. Your stories help shape what they can become.

Photography by Aliza Baran.
Videography by Pedro Gutierrez.