Museum Moments Cards, inspired by Vroom

Have fun and stimulate the growing brains of your child age 0-5 with activity cards that give you ideas for ways to enjoy looking at art together.

Museum Moments
Activity Cards for kids age 0-5
Logo: vroom

Available for use during your Museum visit. Borrow a set from the ArtPack Station on Level 1.

A baby's brain is wired to grow from birth. During your child's earliest years, their brain makes one million neural connections every single second. Chock-full of things to explore, art museums are fun-filled places to look, talk, imagine, learn, and wonder. With these actvities, you have what it takes to be a brain-builder- while encouraging a love of art.

Have fun with little ones with activities like Mirror Mirror, Gallery Stroll, and Seeing with Your Ears. You get easy-to-follow instructions on one side and an explanation of the learning concepts on the other.

Museum Moments are sponsored by Four-Four Foundation and an anonymous donor.

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