Catering by Café Calatrava

Catering enriches an event experience and should complement the theme or desired mood of the event. Catering by Café Calatrava upholds this principle with its versatile and contemporary catering menu. Catering by Café Calatrava is the Museum‘s own in-house catering service, chosen for more than 75% of the Museum‘s events.

About Catering by Café Calatrava

With every opportunity, the finished works of Catering by Café Calatrava demonstrate culinary artistry and elevate the senses. The catering menu is designed as a guide from which to customize menu selections to fit your culinary preferences and budget. If there is something you do not see on the catering menu, please let us know. Our catering staff can produce almost anything at competitive pricing.

The benefits of choosing Catering by Café Calatrava:

Planning Your Event

Planning an event at the Milwaukee Art Museum is easy. For detailed information and booking, please contact 414-224-3287 or .

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