Rental Policies

Reserving Event Space

To reserve an available space at Milwaukee Art Museum while reviewing our rental information, the Museum’s Events department can place a 10-day courtesy hold if a space at the Museum is available at the time of your inquiry.

Room Rental Deposit

To officially book an event space at the Milwaukee Art Museum, a non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of the estimated rental fee is required upon signing the Museum’s Rental Agreement. Upon receiving the deposit your Sales & Events Coordinator signs the Rental Agreement as well, then emailing, faxing, or mailing a copy to you.

The remaining room rental fee balance for the space you have rented is due 30 (thirty) business days prior to the actual date of your event. Any outstanding balance for amenities will be billed after the event occurs and will be due within three working days upon receiving the bill.

Contract Conditions

To ensure a quality event with the Milwaukee Art Museum’s facilities, the following practices are standard:

All set-up and decorations must be picked up at the end of the function/your event. Anything not taken or picked up will be disposed of the following day.

To protect the facility and Museum’s art collection and to ensure continued availability of the Museum as an event space, we request your cooperation with the following:

Prohibition Uses

The Museum reserves the right to deny the use or the continued use of its facilities to any person, organization, or corporation that does not comply with the Museum policies and procedures. The following events are not permitted at the Milwaukee Art Museum:


The User entering into a Rental Agreement to host an event at the Milwaukee Art Museum must maintain a general liability policy or obtain a “rider” while present at the Museum for the particular date of the event. This is to protect both the Museum and the User in the case of damages or injury during the event.

After Museum Hours/Event Parking

Parking in the Museum’s underground parking is $8.00 per car after 5 PM and can be master billed to the group hosting the event or individuals may pay for parking on their own. These spaces are on a first-come/first-serve basis and the Museum will not guarantee the 98 parking spaces for any event. (The height clearance of the parking garage is 8 feet.) Parking of comparable pricing is available across Lincoln Memorial Parkway in the O’Donnell Park facility. The Milwaukee Art Museum and the O’Donnell facility are easily accessible via the Reiman footbridge that spans over the Lincoln Memorial Parkway and takes your guests directly to a spacious circular glass elevator as part of the main entrance of the Museum.

Milwaukee Art Museum Image Usage

Both the Museum’s Sales & Events Coordinator and the Media Relations Manager must approve any image of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

All printed materials for an event in the form of invitations, programs, posters, promotional materials, and sample text, must be submitted to the Museum event planner for approval. Final copies of all printed event materials must be given to the MAM event coordinator prior to full printing and production.


Cancellation of the event by the User within sixty (60) days of the scheduled event will result in forfeiture of all fees and deposits paid. For more than sixty (60) days notice, all fees will be refunded except for the non-refundable deposit.

The Museum reserves the right to cancel an event if the facilities are, in the sole judgment of an authorized museum official, rendered unsuitable for the event due to fire or other calamity, and act of God, an act of nature, labor dispute, notice of violations by any city, county, or other government agency, or any other occurrences beyond the control of the Museum. In the event of such cancellation, User will not be liable for payment of fees for cancelled programs, nor will the Milwaukee Art Museum have any further liability or obligations with regard to said canceled events. Should such action be deemed necessary, the Milwaukee Art Museum guarantees that it will offer suitable time(s) for rescheduling.