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Photography & Film Licensing

This policy is designed to provide information to companies and individuals who wish to license photos, drawings, and paintings of the Quadracci Pavilion and other images of the Milwaukee Art Museum (“Museum”) for commercial purposes. This policy also sets forth the Museum’s guidelines and policy for the creation and use of artistic works that depict the Quadracci Pavilion.

  • Photo by Kat Schleicher.

The Quadracci Pavilion

The Quadracci Pavilion is a famous and valuable trademark of the Milwaukee Art Museum. The Quadracci Pavilion is recognized throughout the world, and it embodies and serves as a symbol of the high quality of art exhibits, products, and services offered by the Museum. Under United States copyright laws, the copyright of photos, drawings and paintings is owned by the person or company responsible for creating the photo, drawing or painting; however, in all cases, the trade rights described above remain the property of the Museum and are protected by state and federal trademark laws.

Generally, non-commercial, editorial use of photos, video, drawings or paintings of the Calatrava Building is permitted, provided that you own the copyright or have permission from the owner of the copyright. The Museum does not prohibit the creation and sale of artwork that depicts the Quadracci Pavilion. However, once such artwork is transformed or applied to a commercial product, or used to endorse another commercial product, the Museum's trade rights are violated.

Therefore, you cannot use photos, drawings and paintings in connection with commercial advertisements, endorsements, merchandise or other products. Such use requires a license from the Museum. Failure to obtain a license from the Museum may expose you to liability. Furthermore, unless you obtain artwork provided by and owned by the Museum, the Museum is not responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder for your use of images of the Quadracci Pavilion. You may be liable for copyright infringement if you use copyrighted artwork that is owned by another third party.

Licensing Images

The Museum strives to make licensing images of the Quadracci Pavilion easy; however, the Museum reserves the right to license or refuse to license rights, in its sole and absolute discretion on a case-by-case basis.

If you have questions about the Museum’s policy, or if you would like to obtain information about licensing the right to use images of the Quadracci Pavilion for commercial purposes, please contact 414-224-3830 or .