Martin Drölling, The Music Lesson, 1796

Virtual: Listening Lab

At the Milwaukee Art Museum, as with many museums, we seek to share with you the rich history of humanity’s creative history, and details about the art on view. We do this largely by following long-held industry conventions. The labels, for example, include the artist’s name, the title of the work, the medium, and often a fascinating fact.

But are we communicating this information clearly? Are we providing you with what you want to know and learn about? And is how we’re presenting this information capture your interest?

The Listening Lab—and your participation—will help us improve your art-viewing experience. In this first iteration of the Listening Lab, online, we’ll ask which of the different narrative approaches to the painting The Music Lesson (1796), by the French artist Martin Drölling, you find most captivating.

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Fostering an active and engaged relationship between the community and the works of art in our care is one of our primary jobs. Please, tell us what you think. Your opinion matters.

Image: Martin Drölling, The Music Lesson, 1796. Oil on canvas. Purchase, with funds from Avis Martin Heller in honor of the Fine Arts Society, M2013.26. Photo by John R. Glembin.