In 2003, the artists abandoned their established working method and began to design their pictures using digital technology. Rather than laboriously project each element onto the individual panels, they arranged scanned images on the computer screen. Now they could work faster and explore a new range of technical possibilities.

In the Perversive Pictures, Gilbert & George surround themselves with images drawn from the street, including ornate graffiti tags and flyers posted by radical Islamic groups. Many of these pictures focus on religious zealotry and intolerance. Haram incorporates a found text condemning “man-made law.”

In 2005, Gilbert & George were invited to represent Great Britain at the Venice Biennale, where they unveiled the Ginkgo pictures. Each picture incorporates the symmetrical leaves of the Ginkgo tree, which they collected in Gramercy Park when visiting New York. The tree flourishes in urban environments and smells, the artists noted, “of shit.” The pictures incorporate images drawn from contemporary street culture, such as Asian kids in hoodies.



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