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Kohl’s Art Generation Open Studio


Stop by the studio to create art inspired by artwork in the Museum. A different collection or exhibition is featured each month, and the activities are always changing!

April: American Vista

Get out your maps; we’re hitting the road. Join us in the studio for an artful adventure inspired by the feature exhibition The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip. Create dreamy scenes of spectacular places around the country using drawing, painting, and photo collage. Paint a selfie in a place you would love to visit, and send a handmade postcard about a location on your bucket list. Collage images of people and places to make an imaginary memory.

May: Cubism to Contemporary

In the month of May, explore what makes art from the last one hundred years astonishing. Take the lead from artists who taught us to push the rules of art. Tell a story with a modern subject, and experiment with making art about art itself. Find inspiration in abstraction, and express your love for Mom with an artful gift.

June: Photo Laboratory

What is a photograph? How is it made? Make pictures without a camera while exploring the tools, techniques, and processes used by artist Marco Breuer. Make experimental sun prints; then scratch a drawing into one, revealing layers of color. Combine found photos and your own pictures of reflections, liquids, and objects for a range of exciting, creative possibilities. Construct a groundbreaking gift for Father’s Day.

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