Kohl’s Art Generation Open Studio: Word Power


Stop by the Kohl’s Art Generation Studio to create art inspired by the artwork in the Museum. Each month features a different theme, and the projects are always changing. This month, explore how artists and designers use words with images to share ideas, tell stories, and, sometimes, play games. Learn typography to design a poster. Use a printing press and then trade the prints you make with other studio visitors. Practice calligraphy and decorate your words with gold-colored illustrations. Arrange the letters of your words in new and puzzling ways and create a meaningful message for mom. Learn more about Kohl’s Art Generation Open Studio.

Kohl’s Art Generation Family Sundays: Brush With Greatness

SUNDAY, July 21, 10 AM–4 PM

Explore contemporary painting, with a focus on the giant, gestural works of artist James Nares in the exhibition Moves—and even meet the artist himself! Create your own paintbrush, experiment using a machine to make a painting, and “act out” brushstrokes with help from guest dancers. Learn more about Kohl’s Art Generation Family Sundays.


Kohl’s Color Wheels

Kohl’s Color Wheels is the Museum’s off-site studio program, bringing fun-filled art projects to Milwaukee-area festivals throughout the summer. Check out where Kohl’s Color Wheels will be next!


Kohl’s Art Generation Lab: Haitian Art


Immerse yourself in the art and culture of Haiti—past and present. Learn about the importance of community, family, religion, and more through music, photography, and a variety of activities. Learn more about the Kohl’s Art Generation Lab.