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Jan Lievens: A Dutch Master Rediscovered

Speakers Bureau (continued)

Considered one of the most daring Dutch artists of the seventeenth century, Jan Lievens was an innovative painter and printmaker who surpassed Rembrandt in their day. This master artist created a wide range of memorable works, from religious and allegorical subjects to portraits and landscapes. This once-in-a-lifetime exhibition presents 55 paintings—several of them newly discovered—as well as about 30 prints and 50 drawings.

Group presentations are a fun and educational way to team build, to enrich meetings or social gatherings, and to enhance the Museum and exhibition experience. Speakers Bureau presentations are complete with color images of the artworks and enlightening information and anecdotes about each work. These engaging presentations are participatory, allowing the audience to ask questions and to make their own observations.

Speakers Bureau presentations are perfect for a variety of adult and family audiences. Book clubs, libraries, civic clubs, business and government associations, church groups, senior adult groups, and many other organizations are ideal settings to learn more about the fascinating exhibitions at the Milwaukee Art Museum, one of the largest cultural resources in the region.

Signing up for the Speakers Bureau is easy. To schedule a speaker for your group on Jan Lievens or on any of the upcoming feature exhibitions, contact Marcie Hoffman at 414-224-3844 or at marcie.hoffman@mam.org, and the Museum will do the rest. Explore all the upcoming exhibitions at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

There is no fee, but the Milwaukee Art Museum welcomes donations to its docent program. Donations are tax-deductible. Note: Presentations are limited to within 50 miles of the Museum. A screen, PowerPoint equipment, and a room that can be darkened are encouraged but not required.