Photography & Film Permission

Thank you for your interest in the Milwaukee Art Museum. The Milwaukee Art Museum reviews all filming/photography requests on a case-by-case basis. A review of requests for the Museum to be featured in advertising commercials depends on the nature of the product and context. A request for the Museum to be featured in films depends on the nature of the film.

Permission Guidelines

All requests must be submitted in writing 10 business days in advance of requested date.

Requests must include:

  1. Purpose of project
  2. Where, how and by whom photography/film/videotape will be published, distributed or aired
  3. The proposed location within the Milwaukee Art Museum‘s buildings/grounds
  4. Details of the shoot:
    • a. Number of crewmembers, actors, models
    • b. List of equipment to be used (tripods, tracks, dolly, etc.)
    • c. Type of lights
    • d. Need for electrical outlet plugs
    • e. How long filming/photography will take place (number of days or hours)
    • f. Special vehicles (note unauthorized parking is not allowed in any areas)
  5. Projected date of filming. We must receive request at least 10 business days in advance to make necessary arrangements including scheduling security guards to accompany crews in Museum

Submit your request to .

If you have additional questions about the Museum’s policy, please contact 414-224-3830 or .