European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century, October 9, 2010–January 9, 2011

Image Gallery

Objects surround us. They help us cook, rest, organize, clean, and more. Through thoughtful design, these items also have the power to inspire, please, and confound. Explore more than 200 quintessential contemporary objects that blur the line between fine art, craft, and design, and celebrate the technical innovations and artistic creativity of their designers.

  1. Mathias Bengtsson, Slice chair, 1999. Photo courtesy Martin Scott-Jupp.
  2. Ron Arad, This Mortal Coil bookcase, 1993. Photo courtesy Philips de Pury & Company.
  3. Maarten Baas, Hey Chair Be a Bookshelf! bookcase, 2005. Photo courtesy Maarten van Houten.
  4. James Dyson, DC11 vacuum cleaner, 2003. Photo courtesy Dyson Ltd.
  5. Ole Jensen, Washing Up bowl and brush, 1996. Photo courtesy Normann Copenhagen.
  6. Hella Jongerius, Non-Temporary ceramics, 2005. Photo courtesy Royal Tichelaar Makkum.
  7. Monika Mulder, Vållö watering cans, 2003. Photo used under permission from Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
  8. Jorge Pensi, Toledo stacking chair, 1988. Photo courtesy Knoll, Inc.
  9. Tejo Remy, Milk Bottle lamp, 1991. Photo courtesy Droog Design.
  10. Tejo Remy, Rag chair, 1991. Photo courtesy Droog Design.
  11. Tejo Remy, You Can’t Lay Down Your Memories chest of drawers, 1991. Photo courtesy Droog Design.
  12. John Angelo Benson, Naked Confort lounge chair, 2003. Photo courtesy of John Angelo Benson.