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Kohl’s Color Wheels


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kohl’s Color Wheels?

Kohl’s Color Wheels is the Milwaukee Art Museum’s off-site studio program that offers art activities, free of charge, at events throughout the community year round.

What kinds of events does Kohl’s Color Wheels attend?

Kohl’s Color Wheels will attend events within a 35-mile radius of the Milwaukee Art Museum that serve families with children 12 and under. Kohl’s Color Wheels must be one component of a larger event with a minimum attendance of 100 people.

What kinds of projects does Kohl’s Color Wheels offer?

Kohl’s Color Wheels offers a wide variety of drop-in art projects inspired by the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Collection and special exhibitions.

What are the set-up requirements for Kohl’s Color Wheels?

For outdoor events, Kohl’s Color Wheels requires 500 square feet for three 10 x 10 foot tents and the full-size van. The set-up is flexible to maximize traffic flow and access to the art making.
For indoor events, we request six to eight tables.

How do I schedule an event with Kohl’s Color Wheels?

Booking is first come, first served. Contact Michelle Bastyr, Kohl’s Art Generation community relations coordinator, at artgeneration@mam.org to check date availability.

Kohl’s Art Generation Lab

Haitian Art

Immerse yourself in the art and culture of Haiti—past and present—in this new exhibition drawn from the Museum’s collection of Haitian art. Learn about the importance of community, family, religion, and more through music, photography, and a variety of activities.

The Kohl’s Art Generation Lab is open during regular Museum Hours.

Kohl’s Art Generation Open Studio


Stop by the studio to create art inspired by artwork in the Museum. A different collection or exhibition is featured each month, and the activities are always changing!

April: A Blast of Color

Explore design elements to make action-packed abstract art! Look to works in the Museum’s Collection Galleries and in the feature exhibition How Posters Work, and then use line, shape, and color to make art that appears to move. Draw intersecting lines, overlap shapes, and paint abstract art that looks as though it is bouncing off the wall.

May: Powerful Posters

Discover how artists make walls talk! Become a master of composition and communication after you visit How Posters Work. Use the pros’ design principles to tell a story of your own, combining text and pictures, and experiment with symbols to design your own advertisement. Then use patterned paper, stencils, and photos to design an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift.

June: Ancient Art

Be part of an artful archaeological site in the studio! Learn about symbolic Egyptian animals and
decipher hieroglyphs while studying the Mummy Coffin of Pedusiri. Paint a heroic story in red and black inspired by Greek pottery techniques. And sculpt a portrait with intricate features and
dramatic personality for Father’s Day!

July: Child’s Play

In July, look to the folk and self-taught art galleries for inspiration. Invent and build mixed-media
sculptures that move in the wind and toys that turn work into play. Get ideas from the Museum’s
collection of whirligigs to design your own creation, or rethink an everyday chore as a toy!

August: Just “Wright”

Explore the architectural drawings and models in Frank Lloyd Wright: Buildings for the Prairie for inspiration this month. Imagine how a building looks within a certain landscape as you sculpt
buildings and create your own mixed-media architectural drawings.

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