Kohl’s Art Generation comprises educational programs which seek not only to inform kids about art and its value, but also to involve them in hands-on, creative art experiences that whet their appetites for more. Read below for more information on Kohl’s Art Generation programs at the Milwaukee Art Museum and in the community.

Kohl’s Education Center

Kohl’s Art Generation Gallery

Open during Museum Hours—final weeks!

Explore how artists make a flat surface appear as if you could step right into it in Illusions: Near and Far, the latest interactive gallery installation.

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Kohl’s Art Generation Lab

Open during Museum Hours—final weeks!

Explore what happens behind the scenes at the Museum! X-ray a painting, change the frames on works of art, ask the Museum curators about their work, the exhibitions—and more. This interactive experience combines high-tech activities with low-tech ones for an inside look at the way museums work.

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Kohl’s Art Generation Open Studio

Saturdays & Sundays, 10 am–4 pm

The studio is the place to engage in ever-changing hands-on art projects and create something all your own to take home. Each month features a different theme, and the projects change weekly; find your inspiration from the artworks in the Museum’s Collection and exhibitions.

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Programs @ the Milwaukee Art Museum

Kohl’s Art Generation Family Sundays

Experience art with your family at Kohl’s Art Generation Family Sundays, the Museum’s lively Sunday event! Enjoy hands-on art activities, interactive performances, family tours, visiting artists, and more!

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Weekend Family Programs

Weekends are for families at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Take two minutes or two hours together to enjoy a variety of hands-on art activities that enrich the Museum experience.

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Programs in the Community

Kohl’s Color Wheels

This summer at area festivals, watch for the Kohl’s Color Wheels van, and take part in fun-filled, hands-on art activities!

Check out the Kohl's Color Wheels schedule.