Parents & Teachers

Welcome! Here’s where parents and teachers can learn more details about the Kohl’s Art Generation and this companion website, and access lots of useful resources to keep kids safe when learning and playing online.


Your kids are safe with us. All content on the Kohl’s Art Generation website is pre-moderated—checked before it goes live. This is to ensure that it is suitable for all ages. We also advise that participants choose a nickname, instead of their real names and keep personal details as private as possible to keep them safe online. To find out more please see our Online Safety Guide, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, all written so your children can easily understand them.

Learn + Play

The Milwaukee Art Museum offers a rich variety of programs and resources for teachers and students, families, and adults. Whether you join us for a moment of contemplation or, an activity filled day, the Museum offers opportunities for you to learn about art on your own or in a group. Gather with us by the lake to meet world-renowned artists, engage in lively discussions, learn what’s current in art, or make your own masterpiece.

See our Kohl’s Art Generation Upcoming Events calendar for a list of family programming or visit the Milwaukee Art Museum calendar for all upcoming events and programs. If you have any comments or questions about Kohl’s Art Generation please contact


Visit Learn + Play to discover all the resources the Milwaukee Art Museum has to offer. Go to Student + Teacher, School Tours, and School Programs for more information.

If you have any comments or questions about education programs at the Milwaukee Art Museum please contact


The Milwaukee Art Museum has made every effort to obtain permission to use images of event participants. If a photo has been used without permission and you would prefer it not to be used, please email and we will be happy to remove your photo.