Online Safety Guide

The Internet has the truly remarkable ability to connect people who share common interests. However it is very important you know how to stay safe online. To help, the Milwaukee Art Museum has put together a few guidelines to encourage you to get the most out of your Internet experience safely.

When browsing the web, always be cautious.

Never give out personal details. Just as you wouldn’t talk to strangers, don’t share personal information such as address, phone number, school name, or location. Use only a screen name. Also, keep these details off of any pieces of art you send us. (Include this info separately.)

Always keep your passwords secret.

Many online activities require usernames and passwords for access to special areas of the site. Never share this information with anyone. Otherwise, nosy people could look though your stuff—or worse, make changes without your permission.

Don’t share private things online.

Everything you post online stays online, so if in doubt, leave it out. Don’t share things online unless you don’t mind the whole world seeing. If you are ever unsure of sending something over the Internet it might be best not to. You can always ask a friend or family member to get their thoughts on the idea.

Always ask permission to send photos.

People are generally happy to receive photos by email or share them online but it is always best to double check it is OK with whoever is in the photograph before you send it.

If you feel unsafe or unsure about anything, talk about it.

Share the situation with your friends and family. Always tell a parent about any communication or conversation that was scary. Let them help you sort the problem out.

Review terms & conditions and privacy policy.

On websites that you engage with, make sure to read the terms & conditions and privacy policy pages with your family so you know the rules of the website and understand what they do with the information you share or send to them.

For more information on Internet safety, please review the following links: