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Kohl’s Color Wheels FAQ

What is Kohl’s Color Wheels?
Kohl’s Color Wheels is the Milwaukee Art Museum’s off-site studio program that offers art activities, free of charge, at events throughout the community year round.

What kinds of events does Kohl’s Color Wheels attend?
Kohl’s Color Wheels will attend events within a one-hour radius of the Milwaukee Art Museum that serve families with children 12 and under. Kohl’s Color Wheels must be one component of a larger event (a minimum attendance of 100 people).

What kinds of projects does Kohl’s Color Wheels offer?
Kohl’s Color Wheels offers a wide variety of drop-in art projects inspired by the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Collection and special exhibitions.

What are the set-up requirements for Kohl’s Color Wheels?
For outdoor events, Kohl’s Color Wheels requires 500 square feet for three 10 x 10 foot tents and the full-size van. The set-up is flexible to maximize traffic flow and access to the art making.
For indoor events, we request six to eight tables.

How do I schedule an event with Kohl’s Color Wheels?
We are currently scheduling events through August 31, 2015. Booking is first come, first served.
Contact Michelle Bastyr, Kohl’s Art Generation community relations coordinator, at artgeneration@mam.org to check date availability.

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Kohl’s Art Generation Open Studio: Abstract Adventures

Saturdays and Sundays, 10 AM–4 PM

Create abstract paintings, prints, and sculptures, as you explore the elements of line, shape, color, and texture. Learn how the abstract art of Pablo Picasso, Joán Miró, Wassily Kandinsky (as seen in the feature exhibition Kandinsky: A Retrospective), and others, encourage us to see the world in new ways!

Learn more about Open Studio at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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Family Sundays—The Sound of Color

Sunday, July 20, 2014, 10AM–4PM

Draw to music, compose with color, and paint a landscape of views from the Museum’s windows—all inspired by the paintings and ideas of Wassily Kandinsky. In Kandinsky: A Retrospective, you’ll discover a master of modern art who was influenced by color, movement—and music!

Learn more about Family Sundays at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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Kohl’s Art Generation Family Sundays: Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Sunday, October 19, 2014, 10AM–4PM

Celebrate loved ones at this annual event! Learn all about this cultural festivity while taking part in traditional art activities, enjoying Mexican music and dance, and meeting local artists. Plus, make a creative addition to a community ofrenda!

Learn more about Family Sundays at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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Family Sundays—Making Your Mark

Sunday, March 18, 2012, 10am–4pm

Explore a variety of ways to make a drawing—and make art with unusual tools—in the spirit of the colorful and multi-patterned artworks in the Accidental Genius exhibition and the innovative work in The Tool at Hand. Enjoy music performances, talk with photographer Christopher McIntyre and painter Teresa Dunn, and enjoy a fun-filled, family-focused day with art.

Learn more about Family Sundays at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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